LaMaGa: Maths & Beauty

by MeiMiao

Ufff… a long time since we wrote for the last time. But the gap is over, posts will come frequently again.

Our puppet, Yvi, has collected beautiful mathematical images from his own work during the years. He started to put them in a personal webpage, called LaMaGa. Why that name? He gave a meaning to the acronym: “Laberynthical Mathematical Gallery”, although many of its contributors (noema for one) preferred the fuzzy references of the original name, without further implications.

LaMaGa is going to grow again soon. It will contain toys, animations and such. More images are going to come… The logo is a technicolor version of Hofstadter’s butterfly…

LaMaGa reminds us: sometimes, we study mathematics because it’s useful. But only sometimes. Most of the time, we study mathematics because it’s beautiful. And the first example of mathematical beauty is the one which enters through the eye.


3 Responses to LaMaGa: Maths & Beauty

  1. Erynus dice:

    Maybe i should color my “first million of PI decimal places” project.

  2. webjinni dice:

    Definitely! 🙂

  3. noema dice:

    La Mathematical Gallery. The part of Laberynthical is only because there are people that can not understand that there are things without a second meaning.


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